Thursday, October 27, 2011

The monster formerly known as Chelios!

Here's another one I just completed tonight (Oct. 28)!

Drawn completely in Photoshop with my tablet.

Remember this monster?  This is the monster you saw in my Rekira video!  Though some people were perplexed by the monster's name; Chelios (which I didn't know could be a man's name, the name of at least two famous people)!  Chelios is also supposed to be Greek for "eel," so in response to that, I figured I'd add a "saurus" to give it a kaijuu image!  Thus, the monster's name is:

Electric Eel Monster CHELIOSAURUS (Denki-Unagi Kaijuu KERIOZAURUSU)!

I'm much more satisfied with this design than the more complicated design I've used before.  Especially with the more simplified stripes on his body, much like the kind you find on a fish or some amphibians.

I'll add more monster designs as soon as I can.

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