Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last of 2013

Done on tablet in FireAlpaca in a very short time (hence the expressionist background).  Have a great one.

Next-to-last doodles of 2013!

Didn't I promise you more artwork by year's end?  (After these, I'll have one last doodle for tonight, per tradition; last one for the year, first one of the new year.)  All of these were done on tablet in FireAlpaca.

 First up, a Lily Merriweather drawing for the 5th Anniversary of my Grandma's passing (December 28):

Next, a cute illustration of Dipper and Wendy from Gravity Falls (started on the night of the 29th, finished just on the late-night hours of the 30th), just because.  (And this could make a great early Valentine!)

And for all you comic-book superhero fans, these two (both finished tonight) will interest you: First up is my own interpretation of what a Japanese Superman would look like!  I used Ultra Seven as a model (feeling that Seven is the Japanese Superman, as I related many times before).

And, of course, my own interpretation of what a Japanese Batman would look like!  For Batman, I used the character I always thought was the Japanese Batman, Moonlight Mask (Gekko Kamen), which Latinos out there may remember as Capitan Centella!

Next one to come before midnight...  :)

Friday, December 27, 2013

Fire Alpaca Tests

Upon the suggestion of a family friend (after she got her own tablet this past Christmas), I've been very impressed with the free drawing software from Japan, FireAlpaca!  It's a lot of fun to use.  It's a simpler version of Photoshop, but I'm impressed with the selection of brushes, which superbly works like their real-world tools (pen, pencil, watercolor, etc.).  I've done a couple of tests in FireAlpaca on my tablet, and I love them.

First, Lily Merriweather, done December 26:

And Rekira, done on December 27:

More to come by year's end!

Thursday, November 07, 2013


Here's one of the first Gravity Falls fanarts I planned on (despite the delay mentioned two posts ago): a mash-up with one of my favorite animated films, Richard Williams' The Thief and the Cobbler!

The pencils were done on November 1st, and inked/colored on tablet in Flash, assembled in Photoshop, and signed in Flash - the result was finished right at the end of November 7th.

The cast of characters depicted above are:

Tack the Cobbler: Dipper Pines
The Thief: Lil' Gideon Gleeful
Princess Yum-Yum: Wendy Corduroy
King Nod: Stan Pines (Grunkle Stan)
Zigzag: Robbie V.
Roofless: Soos
Mad and Holy Witch: Mabel Pines
The Mighty One-Eye: Bill Cipher

More to come!

Sunday, November 03, 2013

59 Years of Godzilla

Happy 59th Anniversary to my all-time favorite character, Godzilla.  The most versatile movie monster ever created, in the course of 28 Japanese-produced films by Toho Company, Ltd., he has evolved from a poetic avatar of nuclear destruction to a reluctant antihero, an anthropomorphic superhero, a tragic force of nature, and even a specter of war.  This monster has played many roles through the years, and people either appreciate them all or have a favorite.  And this is what made Godzilla a timeless, enduring character.  It is also hoped that the upcoming film by Legendary Pictures (to be released next year) will capture all of his best qualities.

In tribute, I did this quick illustration on tablet in Photoshop this morning.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Happy Halloween!

I apologize for being rather disorganized here.  And I'm really frustrated, as I wanted to spend all of October doing the following, but I got sick with the cold for most of the month (still have coughs and partial laryngitis as I write this), and it really cramped up my schedule, so I was very disappointed, because I really wanted to surprise you all.  But I might as well turn up what I have, and rest assured, I would love to do more with this stuff later on.  :)

As some of you are quite aware, I've become a huge fan of the animated series, Alex Hirsch's Gravity Falls, which premiered on the Disney Channel over a year ago.  A really funny, wild, poignant, haunting, and sometimes dark series, with a great set of main characters: 12-year old twins Dipper (the protagonist) and Mabel (his goofy sidekick), who stay with their great uncle Grunkle Stan (the owner of the Mystery Shack, located in the titular town in central Oregon) for Summer vacation, and Stan's young workers Soos (a goofy man-child) and Wendy (a 15-year old girl and Dipper's secret crush).  Dipper & Mabel's stay in Gravity Falls turns out to be not-so-normal, with all sorts of supernatural phenomena permeating the town.  Dipper's guide to the phenomena is a mysterious book he found, labeled "3" on the cover.  There are secret messages hidden throughout the series, written in secret codes (including the Caesarian code; three letters back), and these hidden details have become a popular facet with fans of the show.  With Season 1 having ended (I will not spoil the season finale; it has to be seen to be appreciated), Season 2 (which is now in the works) promises to be more exciting and really ominous!  (Creator Hirsch intends for the entire series to take place over the course of an entire Summer vacation; he aimed for 3 seasons, but production on the series proved to be really difficult and challenging, so as it stands, Hirsch is trimming it down to 2 seasons, and a movie to close the series.  That said, I can hardly wait!  But I have to...)

So I was inspired to do full color fanart of the series, but was sidetracked by my above dilemma (and you'll notice huge time gaps, as a consequence).  I'll get to that soon enough, so I'll post what I did so far: my own personal model sheet exercise/design studies.  By default, I used series director/character designer Joe Pitt's designs/model sheets for reference.  I had little to work with on some designs, so I improvised by using screenshots from the series.

Here's Dipper, done on October 1st:

Mabel, done on October 5th:

This was after my first two weeks with the cold (the first week was the worst).  Wendy (done on October 21th) was a bit tricky at first, so aside from the model sheet I worked with, I looked at various screenshots to get a better grasp of the variations in her design.

The same deal with Grunkle Stan (done on October 25th), whose physique was even trickier than his expressions!

I'll get to doing Soos, eventually.  Otherwise, look for more Gravity Falls stuff from me soon!  I've had a lot of fun learning to draw these characters.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, Katie!

Some time during my birthday yesterday, I whipped up this little birthday present for talented cartoonist/animator Katie Rice, whose birthday is a day after mine!  For a quick drawing, this was a lot of fun to do.  Done on tablet in Flash.
Here is Bessie Higgenbottom and her pet dog Happy (from The Mighty B!, which Katie storyboarded for in Season 2) and Skadi and her long-suffering slave-pet Diseasoid (from Katie's webcomic Skadi, which she co-created with Luke Cormican) switching places.  Yes, I always got this impression from both character sets!

Hope you have a great one, Katie.  :)

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

CG Rekira - 2013 Version (Quadrupedal)

I've been working really hard for weeks on this new version.

Some of you are familiar with the CGI Rekira short I did back in 2008 as a capstone project for ITT Technical Institute.  (I briefly talk about it in my introduction post.)

Concurrent to the Rekira comic project, I started work on a new CGI Rekira model a couple of months back, and after trial and error, created one such improved model!

This is the quadruped version.  Done on 3DSMax (and adjusted in ZBrush), just like the old 2008 model.  (Rekira is a quadruped by default, with the unlimited ability to stand upright.)  Whereas the old model had a rig for the jaw and two rigs for each ear, this one now uses facial morph targets for mouth movements (it's really tricky), and just one rig for each ear.  Oh, I did the texture on tablet in Photoshop.  (Yeah, drawing in all that fur is really tiring!)  I'll eventually be doing a biped version to go with this one (I definitely want to keep the head, at least, and maybe the body/tail), as you'll notice that my attempts at putting this model in an upright position turned out rather awkward!  (And rigging certain parts was painfully difficult as it was.)

As you can tell, I will be doing more Rekira CG animated shorts in the future!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Paramount/Famous Studios Spirou (Happy 75th Anniversary!)

I couldn't help but imagine something like this!  Happy 75th Anniversary, Spirou.  :)

This was drawn today in Flash (over an animation project I did for fun), and signed in Photoshop.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy 75th Anniversary, Superman & Spirou!

Two of the most famous comic-book characters in the world, born just 3 days apart, and what better way to celebrate than have both appear together!  :)

Here is the first traditional American costumed superhero, Superman (created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster), carrying with him one of French Belgium's most beloved bande dessinée (French term for comic-book or comic-strip) characters, the adventurous bellboy Spirou (created by Robert "Rob-Vel" Velter)!  The characters debuted on Action Comics #1 (National Allied Publications, now DC Comics; April 18, 1938) and Le Journal de Spirou #1 (Dupuis Publishing; April 21, 1938), respectively.  I started on this on the evening of April 17, finished after midnight (April 18), just in time for Superman's Anniversary.  Done on tablet in Photoshop, and in a slightly higher resolution than what I've worked with lately!

BTW, I apologize if Superman looks disproportionate.  (It's difficult to draw from scratch with my Bamboo tablet!)  LOL!  Still, this is the first time in years that I drew the traditional Superman, and I like how it came out, in spite of the flaws.  (And this is the first time I actually drew Spirou!)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day, and Happy 40th Anniversary, GODZILLA VS. MEGALON!

As I'm one third Irish (I'm also German and Puerto Rican, BTW), I've always wanted to do a St. Patrick's Day-themed doodle!  But at the same time, 40 years ago today, one of my all-time favorite films was released in Japan: Godzilla Vs. Megalon (Toho; 1973)!  Besides being my personal favorite Godzilla film, it was also the first film I was ever taken to see in theaters.

So why not do a crossover art?  Here's Lily Merriweather, dressed in green, and wearing a 4-leaf clover brooch in place of her regular flower brooch.  She's riding piggyback on Dengeking, as Rekira watches in interest.  This is basically a reenactment of the closing scene of the aforementioned film.  :)

The line at the right, incidentally, says, "Don't cry, we'll try harder, too!"  (My translation of the closing sentence, "Naku na, bokura mo ganbarou!", in "With Godzilla And Jet Jaguar, Punch, Punch, Punch!" - the closing theme song for Godzilla Vs. Megalon, sung by my all-time favorite Japanese singer, Masato Shimon.)

This makes a good companion piece to the one I did last year!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lily Merriweather Design/Wardrobe - 2013

I've done more experimenting with Lily Merriweather in the last few weeks, and came up with this "CalArts-style" version (a style chiefly used by Disney and Pixar-trained students), which I have played with on occasion.

And yes, I plan to have Lily in both wardrobes depicted, depending on the weather.  I kept the striped dress I had her in last time, but decided to put her in something more stylish for Fall/Winter wear, so I went with a sort-of 1980s look!  I added glasses to one of the Lilys as a test, to see how she would look with glasses on (something else I played with from time to time).  I did the figure on tablet in Photoshop.  I simply had two sets of clothes/accessories that I could easily toggle, and pasted two types of figures onto this comparison picture.

This is very close to what I want for the final design.  As a matter of fact, my earliest drawings of Lily used a style very similar to this!  :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mysti-Girl's Valentine!

Yes, you can tell I've been reading the Escher Girls art blog!  I swore I would never have my female characters drawn in such poses... unless it was done as a joke!  So doing it in that manner has crossed my mind.  :)

And I thought that Valentine's Day would be a good choice on which to present this drawing, featuring Verena/Mysti-Girl from Rekira, which I did this morning (February 14 - Valentine's Day) on tablet in Photoshop!

Have a good one!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ryusei Works Logo - 2013!

At last, here's a still from the updated Ryusei Works "RyuseiScope" logo for 2013!  Animated in Flash, and completed on the 6th.  The background is from a picture I took while I was on vacation in the Outer Banks on New Year's Day of 2012.  It was a sunset, but I so wanted a beautiful picture of a sunrise or sunset for the "sunrise" in my logo.  Expect to see this logo in future videos!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pen Ward-style Dynamic Heralds - Last Part!

Just made these tonight (January 19th) in a few hours!  The last three of the Pendleton Ward-style Dynamic Heralds, all done on tablet in Flash.  First up:

Isaiah Vanterpool (Herald 3: Steel Hammer)

Theresa Lin (Herald 4: Therma-Gal)

Brian Copcutt (Herald 5: Aquati-Kid)

I enjoyed doing these, and may do more someday!  :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

More Pen Ward-style Dynamic Heralds!

I finished two new Pen Ward-style Dynamic Heralds!  Here's Heralds 1 and 2 (Captain Vertex and Mysti-Girl, respectively).

Done tonight on tablet in Flash.  More to follow!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Dynamic Heralds - Pen Ward Style!

I've been very amused and impressed by the cartoon series Adventure Time (Frederator/Cartoon Network; 2010) and the new Bravest Warriors (Cartoon Hangover; 2012), both created by the very talented Pendleton "Pen" Ward, who conceived both as pilots years before!  The shows have such a cute and funny style to them.  So I was eventually inspired to do my own Super Sentai-style superhero team, the Dynamic Heralds (from Rekira) in the same style as that of Ward's, as a kind of "thank you" to him.  :)

I have plans of doing more drawings of the Heralds in this style soon.

This was done on tablet in Flash.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year! 2013 (and Anniversary Announcement)

Yep, it all started this coming Christmas 25 years ago, with a Fisher-Price PXL-2000 Camcorder, and a lifelong dream.  :)

So I'm sure to work on some exciting stuff this year, in celebration of this event.  I hope you all have a wonderful year as well!