Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dynamic Heralds 2017!


I've been gone a whole year, due to moving to a new address (among other things).  But this time, it's permanent!  While those who follow me on Facebook have seen the continuing development of my projects, I've gotten back to the computer, after some frustrating technical difficulties.

So let's start with the Dynamic Heralds, the superhero team in my main project, Rekira the Super-Monster!  With work on the comic approaching, I've finally found a design that's more to my liking.  And the current colors, as you can see, are red, blue, yellow, orange, and green.  But I've also played with three different color types, as seen below.  These were all done on tablet in FireAlpaca.

Type A: The "Stealth" Versions
This is the color scheme I've worked with most recently.  Note the current colors are red, blue, yellow, orange, and green.

Type B: The "Tech" Versions
I just started experimenting with this color scheme, though I've contemplated it for a while now.  What if they had a "high-tech" look, like an iPod or other cool gadgets?  I also love Herald 1 (Captain Vertex)'s Roger Ramjet look, too!

Type C: The "Traditional" Super Sentai-Style Version.
No doubt this color type is very appealing!  In a way, it definitely recalls even Toho's own answers to Super Sentai, namely Saucer War Bankid (Toho; 1976) and Megaloman (Toho; 1979).  While I think that that Types A and B are more subtle, I love the 1970s look this hearkens back to (which I was partly going for)!