Saturday, October 08, 2011

Some new stuff for October 2011 - Part 1

Here's some stuff I did more recently!  Aside form sketches and such (which still need to be scanned and posted), these are either experimental stuff, or from in-progress projects.

Below is a tablet doodle I did of Lily in Photoshop (to test my color/line skills)!  Drawn tonight in over an hour.  Note a somewhat different hairstyle for Lily!  (I may still use the one I've been using before.)  Just thought I'd give her a wild look!

And below is a sneak-peek at a new Rekira CG model I'm working on!  This is how it looks, as of late, upon molding it in ZBrush, from a rough model I did in 3DSMax.  This is the same technique I used on the previous model, only it's much more refined and detailed.  I like how it came out!

I will later add the mapping and additions, such as the horns, claws, and the star-like diamond in his forehead.

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