Tuesday, November 01, 2011

New Sketches for November!

At the moment, I am recovering from a cold I've got after my trip to Pennsylvania two weekends ago (most probably the after-effects of same).  Shortly before Halloween, I managed to pass the time to do three sketches:

Of course, I intend for Rekira to have human characters as well!  And for the first time on this blog, I give you a first look!  (If you've seen these characters elsewhere on my other art pages, there have been some changes since then.)  Drawn on October 29th on my tablet in Photoshop, here is Tatsuo Kongoji, the hero of Rekira:

Also drawn on the same night, here is Verena Freston, the series' heroine.  She is part of another set of characters, which I will reveal on this blog in due time.

At this point I was feeling really sick (constantly coughing, really cold, almost shivering, and somewhat weak), and to try to struggle with my cold, I did this "get well soon" card for myself.  Here is a visibly injured and fatigued Rekira, surrounded by his various monster foes.  I pre-traced everything very well, but by the time I got to the monsters in the background, I almost lost it, due to my condition, and I must admit, I held together very bravely at the last moment.  Drawn on October 30th.

More to come!

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