Thursday, May 11, 2017

New concept: NEON ROCKET IRIS!

Those of you who went to Dragon-Con last year, among the works I probably showed you is this new concept I’ve worked on.  Now, I can show it to everyone...

Along with Rekira the Super-Monster and Lily Merriweather, here's a new project... Neon Rocket Iris!

This one's a 12-year old girl named Iris, with amazing powers, and a high-tech "Prisma-Gear" suit, dubbed the "Neon Rocket."

This is the concept art I started with (done last year on February 28 in FireAlpaca):

And now, here's the refined version of the character (with a somewhat crude version of the intended logo), finished this past Wednesday (May 10th):

And in case you noticed, yes, I deliberately went for a kind of 1980s feel with this one!

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