Friday, December 09, 2011

A new Lily piece, and RIP Ricky Garduno

Here's yet another Lily test, done this morning on tablet in Photoshop, complete with blue draft lines!  Some people (artists included) like the new hairdo I did for Lily, so I just might use it after all.  :)

And something sad happened this past week; animator/cartoonist Ricky Garduno died at the young age of 35.  Some say it was suicide, which makes his passing more tragic.  (He was very depressed, I hear.)  Although I never met Ricky in person, he became a friend on Facebook a while back, and he enjoyed my art and a lot of other cool stuff I shared there, even commenting a little here and there.  That made things more poignant, so I had to acknowledge that.  Below, here's something I just finished tonight, on tablet in Photoshop, featuring Lily with Kimbo from Garduno's 1930 Nightmare Theater, featured on Dumm Comics (one of my favorite comic strip sites).

Rest in Peace, Ricky.

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