Wednesday, April 21, 2010

THE MIGHTY B! Fanart 1

Here are two fan arts I've done, so far, of one of my biggest favorite cartoon shows, The Mighty B! (Original promo pic from series pictured above.) Created for Nickelodeon by Cynthia True, Erik Wiese, and star Amy Poehler, I always thought of this series as the girl scouts version of The Ren & Stimpy Show (one of my favorite cartoons, and the series I believe to be the King of all Nicktoons), and it comes the closest to capturing the spirit of that show.

The series' heroine Bessie Higgenbottom (voiced by Poehler, based partly upon her character Cassie McMadison from her series Upright Citizens Brigade) has become one of my favorite female cartoon characters. Wacky, wild, goofy, unhinged, charming, really makes me laugh!

As seen below, I have so far published two fanarts, which you'll also find on my deviantART page.

Above, drawn June 25, 2009, is the very first drawing I've done of Bessie. For reference, I used model sheets from Jerry Beck's excellent 2007 book, Not Just Cartoons: Nicktoons!, which had a "sneak-peek" section for The Mighty B! (back when it was still being produced) at the very end of the book (it was the final chapter, fittingly), and did this drawing as a warm-up.

On deviantART, this is currently my most popular Mighty B! piece, drawn July 31, 2009! Considering the above Ren & Stimpy reference, I could not resist drawing Bessie and her frenemy Portia Gibbons (voiced by Grey Delisle) dancing to "Happy Happy Joy Joy," with Portia wearing the Happy-Helmet (which Stimpy used to make the irritable Ren happy in the episode, "Stimpy's Invention," arguably considered the quintessential R&S episode)! Done over a pencil drawing in Photoshop with my Bamboo Fun tablet. Below is the original pencil draft:

No doubt, you'll be seeing more Mighty B! stuff from me in the future (I've got plenty of stuff yet to be scanned)!


k said...

i like this show too for the same ren & stimpy vibe that it has...

something inexplicable in its design, humor, and killer voices.

John Paul Cassidy said...

Agreed! A lot of great talent went into this show.