Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Remodeled Mysti-Girl and Dengekid!

 I have finished remodeling the Blender CG figures of Mysti-Girl and Dengekid, the superhero forms of Verena Freston and Raitaro Hayama, respectively! They look much better!

The helmets/goggles/masks/accessories are unchanged, but the bodysuits were completely redone, and look much smoother and more to my liking.

Monday, June 06, 2022

Remodeled Raitaro & Verena!

 I just recently finished remodeling my Blender figures of Raitaro Hayama and Verena Freston (two main characters from my original kaiju project, Rekira the Super-Monster), and are both much improved!

Raitaro's entire mouth was remodeled, and the facial expressions are much better, not to mention I redid his entire body from scratch, and it looks much better proportioned.

Verena, on the surface level, doesn't look too dissimilar from her previous model; the head/expressions are the same, but the body was entirely redone from scratch, and is far more refined. You wouldn't know that from the clothes she's wearing (which were slightly tweaked to accommodate the new body)! ;)

Sunday, May 08, 2022

Mysti-Girl and Dengekid in CGI!

 Two more characters from Rekira the Super-Monster have been completed! Made with Blender, these character profiles were assmbled on FireAlpaca (the logos were done in Flash).

 Last time, you've seen Raitaro Hayama and Verena Freston. Now, here are their Dynamic Heralds superhero forms!

Here's Verena as Herald 3/Mysti-Girl:

 And Raitaro as Herald 6/Dengekid:

Monday, April 25, 2022

The 3 Main Characters of REKIRA THE SUPER-MONSTER, in full CGI!

 Here are the finished CG figures of the three main characters in my original kaiju project, Rekira the Super-Monster! I'm very excited to share them. Character portraits assembled in FireAlpaca.

You know, the more I think about it, with the "cartoon" look I was going for, these characters look like Rankin-Bass Animagic-style characters (which were crafted/animated in Japan)! Except that the subject matter is a bit more serious (although there will be, er... humor). ;)

The enigmatic Tatsuo Kongoji:

Raitaro Hayama (AKA: Herald 6/Dengekid):

Verena Freston (AKA: Herald 3/Mysti-Girl)

More characters to come as production progresses!

Saturday, April 23, 2022

REKIRA 2022 Teaser Poster!

 Today is the 31st Anniversary of the creation of what would eventually become my original kaiju creation, Rekira! In honor of this, with the project still in production, here's a new teaser poster I assembled over a month ago. Assembled in Flash. Rekira, of course, was done with Blender and FireAlpaca.

Friday, April 22, 2022

Dynamic Heralds Design Extras

 Some new designs related to the Dynamic Heralds, the protagonist superhero team in my original project, Rekira the Super-Monster.

First up is a speculation design: WHAT IF... the Dynamic Heralds wore matching suits? This is what it would look like. Naturally, the Super Sentai influence is still there, though I also imagined not only the Fantastic Four and early X-Men (both by Jack "The King" Kirby), but also the Beatles and the Monkees (the latter became a superhero team called the Monkeemen, with matching costumes/capes).

And next, here's something that will actually be used; the Heralds have special work uniforms (the Olympus Elite Staff uniforms) at their tech-industrial workplace/default residence, Olympus Tower (underneath which is their secret command center). This is influenced by the Beatles' Pierre Cardin suits, the blue uniforms of the Science Special Search Party (Science Patrol) from Ultraman, as well as something Wes Anderson could create if he did a 1960s-style sci-fi movie!

Friday, April 08, 2022

Verena Portrait - April 8, 2022

Contemporary manga-style portrait I did this afternoon of Verena Freston (AKA: Herald 3/Mysti-Girl) from my original project, Rekira the Super-Monster! Drawn on tablet in FireAlpaca.